Thassos Snow White Extra

                                                              THASSOS SNOW WHITE EXTRA

Snow white dolomite marble, with sugar texture and regular crystals of big consistency.

Source: Saliara, Thassos Island, Greece





  • Apparent Specific Weight               840kg/m³, DIN 52102
  • Porosity & Water Acces. Porosity Determination 0,43 wt%, DIN 52102
  • Absorption Coefficient   0,15 wt%, DIN 52103
  • Modulus of Elasticity gpA ASTM C-170   30,00 GPa
  • Compressive Strength N/mm²(dry condition)   113,00, DIN 52105
  • Compressive Strength N/mm²(wet condition)   100,00, DIN 52105
  • Modulus of Rupture (dry condition)                          16,00 MPa, DIN 52112
  • Modulus of Rupture (wet condition)                          15,00 MPa, DIN 52112
  • Compressive Strength after freezing & Thaw Cycles 81,00 N/mm², DIN 52104 & 52105
  • Abrasion Resistance                  3,33 mm, DIN 52108
  • Impact Strength cm                  40,00, UNI-U


Results as per tests executed in the laboratory LITHOS of I.G.M.E. (INSTITUTE OF GEOLOGY AND MINERAL EXPLORATION). For the formation of the tests the laboratory cooperated with the company DERMITZAKIS BROS S.A.


The financing of the project “STUDY OF MARBLE DYNAMICS OF EAST MAKEDONIA & THRACE” was made by the prefecture of East Macedonia & Thrace.