Our Company

The factory and the head offices of DERMITZAKIS GREEK WHITE MARBLE, are situated in Chrisoupoli – Kavala, covering an area of 40.000 m2. The building premises cover a total of 6.000m2.All designed for a perfect logistics of production, storage and distribution.


The factory is fitted with the latest equipment of the newest technology. The processing of the marble into blocks, slabs, special dimensioned tiles, is done according to the highest technical specification, having as a result the perfection of the final product.

The combination of machinery, technology and experience allows us to produce the stone according to what is demanded by architects, builders and final customers, providing a wide variety of solutions adapted to the architecture.

CNC Proccesing

The company’s staff consist of professional executive personal which monitor systematically all the branches progress and adapts the company’s course to the modem needs an demands of the market.

Utilizing the latest CNC machining centers, arrays of multi-axis machining capabilities, and state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software, we accurately accommodate many levels of precision and volume. We can produce complex parts with elaborate geometries from even the most difficult to machine Stone.